Faster code for Free!

Embedded CSE, or eCSE

10th round closes 31 January 2017

Doesn't sound particularly exciting but there's more to it an yet another e- prefix. As we explain below, this call means you can get free support for getting your simulation up and running on ARCHER.

ARCHER is the top supercomputer in the UK that is generally available to academics and industry. The biggest job one could run on it is 72,000 processing cores. A speed-up of say 5% (3,600x) would reduce a simulation that currently takes a working day (10 hours) down to 10 seconds (1). Now, that's a little more exciting.

But maybe you're not sure how to get your current code running efficiently in parallel?

This is where the real excitement comes in. High End Compute can take your code and parallelise it in such a way that firstly you get a simulation that runs much quicker, as well as scales to higher model resolution, and secondly we'll explain how we did it so you can optimise your codes in future.

And it won't cost you a penny.

You can apply to the eCSE for funds to pay High End Compute to do this work for you - all risk free to yourselves!

For further information, drop us an email at or check out the

from the Archer virtual tutorial on preparing an eCSE application


  1. Obviously file I/O and sequential parts of the code would then be the limiting factor: see Amdahl's Law