Future of programming accelerators is Open, wide open

The hardware changes on the horizon of 2016 may already be fairly well known but what about the shifting sands of software?
The rumour from SuperComputing is of Intel quietly sounding out the customer view of pulling OpenCL support from its Xeon Phi cards.

Why Intel would want to do this? Without insider knowledge we cannot say for sure. The answer probably lies in either a CBA regarding continued support for OpenCL on XPhi or in expected popularity growth of alternatives.

Benchmarking your high end compute

So, you've bought a new accelerator (maybe one of the dev XPhi on promo in Q4 2014?) or co-processor, or commissioned a cluster.

What's the first thing you want to do? Yes, benchmark every aspect to check it all works as you expect.

You would probably use the Intel MPI Benchmark suite to see how well your MPI implementation is working. There's also the HPCC Challenge benchmarks to determine how typical applications might run.


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