HEC Recently Supporting...

High End Compute has now been appointed, after competitive tender, to a consultancy framework to support the Health Tech Hub based at UWE Bristol. HEC will be working with small to medium sized businesses in the West of England (NHS) region to bring to market new health tech products.

High End Compute has also been commissioned by a computational chemistry group at The University of Manchester to improve the OpenMP scaling, and memory management, of their in-house FORTRAN code. If you would like to discuss HEC delivering a workshop at your company or institution on opportunities for improving codes and their performance, or getting access to higher end compute, then please get in touch.

High End Compute is also working with one of the NERC Doctoral Training Programmes (DTPs) for provision of introductory programming and parallelism courses for the 2018/2019 academic year, and has been invited to provide more as part of a larger DTP bid just being submitted.

High End Compute has had recent success supporting an application by Dr. David Topping (U/Manchester) to MS Azure for Research which has obtained access to their “HPC in the Cloud” offerings worth an estimated $20K.

High End Compute is particularly keen to expand its work to Europe and welcomes all enquiries.