High End Compute is currently working with

  • Dr. David Topping - advice and expert input to $20K "Azure4Research" award
  • Professor Paul Popelier, U/Mancheser - advice on accelerating machine learning codes using optimised MPI-OpenMP hybrid
  • a London university: scoping out MPI optimisation work
  • a NW university: facilitating user requirements capture for research/technical computing
  • a Midlands institution: (tbc) scoping data centre evaluation in terms of energy efficiency
  • Emerging Tech (EMiT) conference series - see our recent blog
  • a (recently) active editor of Wikipedia on high end and greener compute matters

We have also previously worked with/helped

  • U/Manchester eco-voucher awarded to Dr. David Topping to engage with SME to evaluate energy savings by porting to KNL
  • NERC training course for UK researchers: introduction to parallelism and online/workshop training materials on use of OpenMP to accelerate NERC science
  • PSS, a leading independent UK software house/reseller - provision of training video on use of VTune to improve OpenMP codes
  • Corridor Travel Manchester, producing a web site and database of cycling buddies
  • Dr. David Topping and STEM -- the initial stages involved the production of a parallel pi cluster to illustrate parallel programming and a workshop at MSI Manchester to schoolchildren. Ongoing work involves expanding this to further schools and colleges across the UK and EU
  • a partner with ParaTools Inc
  • researchers at world class research universities in the UK
  • initial help to a major engineering firm

HEC/Michael Bane is a member/partner of