HEC Training

We are continuously updating and improving our training materials for our wide ranging portfolio of courses that we tailor to specific requirements of our clients. Our courses are a mix of online materials, classroom presentations, hands on exercises, specific recommendations for your real life codes, and follow up visits or video conference calls. All this from £300 (ex VAT) per day in the classroom.

Some materials are in production but our portfolio covers:

  • introduction to parallel computing
  • getting started with FORTRAN
  • the art of compilation (and how to use compilers to tell you what they're not doing but could be with your hints)
  • introduction to using OpenMP to make the most of your multicore desktop
  • introduction to MPI for multi-node processing (and for Xeon Phi)
  • using profilers to improve the efficiency of your parallel code
  • introduction to measuring the energy consumed by your model simulation for #greenerCompute
  • batch schedules and running "high throughput" eg Monte Carlo
  • use of directives for programming GPUs and Xeon Phi
  • CUDA, OpenAcc and OpenMP 4.5

Some recent work we provided for various clients: