HEC Services

What we do

High End Compute can help you develop robust high performance codes (perhaps for free), appropriate to the target architectures and energy budget you have in mind. As well as individual codes, we also advise on suitable high end compute facilities and help you with access, running, debugging and further optimisation on these.

Our approach is to help you to help yourself via a blended approach to training and hands-on work. Alongside training, we undertake outreach, including our STEM Outreach on Parallel Programming on the Raspberry Pi, to help encourage young people to consider a career in the field of High End Compute.

We focus on passing on skills so that your company not only receives a quicker time to solution but also gains the skills to apply in the future. We offer a variety of online and hands-on training over a range of technologies and techniques, including

and others upon demand.


We have, or can help you gain, access to a number of technologies including:

  • Archer2 (UK's national supercomputer)
  • Xeon Phi: access available to our KNL (Knights Landing) platform
  • CPU: latest Intel chipsets (from standalone testbed for pre-production, up to 10s of thousands of MPI/OpenMP clusters, via UK RCUK and PRACE), AMD clusters and IBM Power
  • GPUs: from NVIDIA Jetson to the Emerald cluster of GPUs
  • FPGAs: Maxeler implementation, plus direct access to Intel/Altera, AMD/Xilinx boards. Currently exploring access to SpiNNaker.
  • a small Raspberry Pi cluster (and the tools to build your own)

Note that this is not an exhaustive list, so please contact us with your requirements.

What we charge

We have a flexible, competitive charging mechanism based upon the time and skills required to deliver a professional solution. Indeed, for some solutions, we can enhance the performance of your simulations for free

If you would like a quotation, please send us a short email explaining your requirements, including information such as

  • programming language
  • whether it is currently serial, threaded, MPI
  • what you would like us to do (see our services)
  • when you would like us to do it by

Contact us

For more information either complete a form, email us or ring us on 0161 225 8735.