ARCHER2 - the UK National Supercomputer

ARCHER2 is the successor to ARCHER, and is based at EPCC, Scotland. ARCHER2 is still (June2020) being fully commissioned and will then compromise an HPE Cray EX supercomputing system with 5,848 compute nodes. Each compute node is dual socket, each socket being a AMD EPYC Zen2 (Rome) 64 core CPU running at 2.2GHz. The whole machine will have approximately 750K cores in total with peak performance estimated to be 28 PFLOP/s.

Access is available via Pump Priming, and occasional Pioneer Projects and EPSRC calls, as well as for appropriate Covid-19 Research. High End Compute can provide support in gaining access (as we have already for some of our clients) and in making good use of this new system. By making use of ARCHER2's "eCSE call", High End Compute can get you up and running on this supercomputer without any cost to yourselves - contact us for details.