HighEndCompute Image for Parallel Programming

High End Compute (HEC) is keen on introducing parallel programming to a wider audience. One way we are achieving this is by providing access to a suitable environment, examples, some "get straight in" training materials and tools. The "HighEndCompute Image for Parallel Programming" refers to the disk image you can download and use at home or in the office to learn and evaluate your options for reducing both the time-to-solution and the energy-to-solution.

The HIPP includes:

  • a Linux environment (Debian Jessie)
  • materials for learning about parallel programming, focusing on OpenMP
  • evaluation compiler software
  • evaluation profiler software

Images for VMWare Player

  • Install VMWare
  • Download the HIPP: (v1.0, Nov2016 version) and choose from
    • HEC 32bit $VERSION.zip -- 32 bit version for VMWare players
    • HEC 64bit $VERSION.zip -- 64 bit version for VMWare players (to follow)
  • Unzip the file
  • Open VMWare Player, select Open VM, then Browse and Select the unzipped HIPP you have just downloaded

Currently, we are providing v1.0 (Nov2016). The 32 bit version is for older host OS/hardware that may not support likes of Intel VT tech.


A 64 bit ISO for live boots will follow shortly


HIPP is provided by High End Compute (http://highendcompute.co.uk) under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licence which allows you to copy and redistribute this material, and to remix/transform/build upon the material, under the terms that you give appropriate credit and indicate if you have made changes, but cannot use for commerical purposes and any derivative works much include this licence statement.